The Joliet Patch

The Joliet Fire Department has had two patches over the years. Before 1975, the uniforms of the Joliet Fire Department did not contain any patches. In 1975, a red and white Maltese cross patch was added to their uniforms. The design was similar to the Chicago patch. The current Joliet patch was adopted in 2007.

sour patch kids

Sour patch kids are a kind of candy that is popular with children. They are a chewy candy that has a sweet center and a sour taste. They are a favorite treat and a great way to satisfy everyone at a party.

sour patch kids history

Sour patch kids are one of the most popular types of candy. Their sour flavor is not the only reason they are popular; their unique design is also one of their most appealing aspects. The company began making the candy in the late 1970s, with the initial intention of taking advantage of the popularity of UFOs. Originally called Mars Men, the candy sold well in Canada, but the company soon realized that Americans weren’t nearly as enthusiastic about outsiders. In the meantime, Cabbage Patch Kids were gaining popularity.

sour patch kids a wild taste curler coaster

Sour Patch Kids are a chewy candy with a sour taste and a sweet finish. They were developed by Frank Galatolie, a candy manufacturer in the early 1970s. Today, there are many flavors, shapes, and colors of these sweet and sour treats.

sour patch kids as birth control

Sour Patch Kids are a contraceptive option for women who do not want to have a baby. The contraceptive method is an alternative to birth control pills. Currently, there are over a hundred experimental contraceptive methods being researched around the world. It takes approximately ten to fifteen years and costs from $20 million to $70 million to develop a new method of birth control. In addition, there are many other methods available to women who are trying to avoid pregnancy. These methods differ greatly based on a woman’s lifestyle, financial situation, and health needs.

Esqueda’s resignation

A prominent Chicago law firm has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against Joliet police Sgt. Doug May. The suit alleges that the officers in question were negligent in the treatment of a handcuffed Black man who was suffering from medical problems. The officers allegedly restrained the man’s airway, slapped him, and shoved their baton in his mouth. The man, Eric Lurry, died as a result of the officers’ actions. The police department is currently under criminal investigation.

Omar Turner Jr.’s bail

A judge set Omar Turner Jr.’s bail at $5 million following his arrest on murder charges. His lawyer says his release is unlikely.

Tatiyana Brown’s bail

The incident occurred near his home on Cutter Avenue. After the robbery, police found Allen dead in his front yard.

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Joliet

Local firefighters, educators and state health officials are partnering to provide the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to high school students in Joliet. The vaccination clinic will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and will require an appointment. To schedule a visit, call the clinic or visit the website.

Esqueda’s termination

After Esqueda’s termination from the Joliet Police Department, many residents are demanding his reinstatement. While this is an important issue, many are also concerned about the future of Joliet’s police department. A recent incident in Joliet, which killed a man, has raised these issues. Joliet’s police department has been criticized for its handling of the fatal shooting of Eric Lurry.


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