Who Is Mike Wazowski?

Almost everyone knows Billy Crystal, Celia Mae, Tony, and Randall from “Mike & Molly”. But who is the actor who plays Mike Wazowski? Read on to find out! Also, read our review of the film. There are lots of laughs in this movie.

Billy Crystal

“Monsters, Inc.” stars Billy Crystal as a radio broadcaster who does a spoof of legendary Yankees broadcaster Phil Rizzuto. In the film, Crystal joins the broadcast crew for a game in the booth, pretending to be Rizzuto. In the film, he wears a New York Mets baseball cap. However, his character is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs and Fresno Grizzlies baseball teams. He hopes to make it to Major League Baseball someday.

The movie is the first sequel to the wildly successful original, which starred Crystal as the lovable Mike Wazowski. The sequel is a college setting, and Crystal’s character is studying to become a scarer. In the interview, Crystal discusses the movie’s college setting and how he made Mike look younger than he actually is. He also talks about reuniting with costar John Goodman in the sound booth.

Celia Mae

Mike Wazowski and Celia Mae are a couple from the animated film Monsters, Inc. Mike is an adorable, kind-hearted character, and Celia has a lovable boyfriend. The two look adorable together, but Celia can be a bit feisty. Fortunately, she can be calmed down when told the truth, and she also has a unique way of expressing her feelings. Celia has five snake hairs that produce different sounds, including rattles and chirping noises. Her eyes are an aquamarine blue.

Mike and Celia Mae are two of the most beloved characters in Monsters, Inc., and their friendship is the most touching part of the film. Mike calls Celia Mae “Schmoopsie Poo” and Celia calls him “Googly Bear.” In addition, Celia calls Mike Schmoopsie-poo, and Sulley calls Celia a Celia-Weelia. Celia is a one-eyed monster with snake-like hair and leg tentacles. She works at Monsters Inc. and enjoys sushi. She also has a special place in her heart for Harryhausen’s sushi restaurant.


The voice of Mike Wazowski is being played by Tony Hale, an actor known for his roles in Toy Story 4, Love, Simon, and Transformers: The Last Knight. The actor is also known for playing neurotic Bluth on Arrested Development. In Monsters, Inc., Monsters Incorporated is the biggest scare factory. The boss is the gruesome James P. Sullivan, who has large purple spots and blue fur. Unlike the other three leads, Tony Hale has not yet been officially cast as Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski.

The movie features a cast of supporting characters. The characters are Sulley’s best friend and personal trainer. The duo also share a rivalry with Randall Boggs, who is Celia Mae’s boyfriend. Roz is regularly annoyed by Boggs’ tardiness. A few of the movie’s most memorable moments include Mike and Sulley interrupting a birthday date between Celia and her boyfriend Randall Boggs. In addition to being the assistant to Sulley, Mike and Sulley also disinfect Harryhausen’s restaurant.


If you’re a fan of the video game Kingdom Hearts, then you’ll be delighted to learn that there’s a character named Mike Wazowski Randall. He’s also known as Randall-Boggs. The character has been played by Mike Wazowski in his own films and is a recurring character in the game.

During the movie, we see Randall’s murderous intent towards Sulley. Initially, he gloats about his plans and wants to kill Sulley. Later, he attempts to strangle Sulley. However, he is stopped by Mikey, who accidentally hits him with a snow cone.

He starts descending into villainy when he is a child, and becomes antagonistic toward Mike and Sulley. He later becomes the Scarer in Monsters, Inc., and even appears on the Scare Card during the movie’s credits.


In the Monsters, Inc. franchise, Sulley and Mike Wazowski are two unlikely friends. After meeting in college, they work together and move up the company ladder. This film is about their relationship. The two are both lovable and fun. However, one character may be more lovable than the other.

In the film, Sulley is a top scarer. One day, he accidentally lets a young girl into his factory. After he tries unsuccessfully to get her back, the girl escapes. Meanwhile, Sulley’s best friend Mike Wazowski interrupts their date at a sushi restaurant to save the girl. However, when other monsters see the little girl, chaos breaks out, and Sulley and Mike must escape to save the girl.


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