Now a day’s mobile phone has become a necessity for everyone due to various reasons. Everyone is using different mobile phones and wishes to change their mobile phones whenever a new model is introduced. The smart phones are a type of mobile phone which are commonly used all over the world. They come with different kind of features and provides great user experience. The features of a cell phone depends on the price and company of cell phone. Different mobile companies are launching new models every day with different prices among them some of the famous mobile phone companies used by people all over the world are Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Huawei these companies come under different countries and their software also distinguish from each other. There are different Mobile phone prices in Pakistan are comparatively higher if we compare them with prices of other countries these include a number of different reasons among them some of the reasons are listed below:


  1.  The main reason for increase in price of mobile phone includes heavy import duties on mobile phones by the government which has increased prices of mobile phones by 20,000.
  2. The reportedly higher in recent years, from 15 percent to 42-52 will drastically impact on the prices of mobile phones as per said by the dealers.
  3. Also the Tax authorities have made the type approval necessary for the import of used mobile phones.
  4. FBR officials said that RS 400 Tax will be imposed on cell phones worth RS 10,000, Tax of RS 4000 will be imposed on cell phones having price of 28,000, RS 6000 will be taken on mobile which price is 60,000, RS 8000 on hand set worth 105,000, RS 23,000 0n mobile price ranging to 150,000 and 41,000 on cellular device worth more than 150,000.

These some of the few but basic reasons due to which mobile phone prices are getting higher in Pakistan day by day. The amount of tax is getting higher on mobile phones while in previous years no tax was taken on used mobile phones that were being imported from other countries. People no need to worry the device prices will be lowered soon when the country will step out from the entire financial crisis and then everyone will be able to buy a cellular device of his or her choice at a comparatively lower rate.


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