Top Tips to Get Your Videos Higher in Search

Video SEO is similar to SEO for websites. It aims at achieving higher rankings for your videos in search results. Video SEO is increasingly important as videos are the most popular content. Every minute, more than 500 hours worth of video are uploaded on YouTube. Video content is growing in volume, making it difficult to rank well. You can understand why if you don’t focus on video SEO. Your website authority has a significant impact on the rank of your videos, but a lot depends on how your website ranks in video searches. Here are some of the best ways to implement SEO for video:

Choose the right platform to host your videos

The location where your video is hosted has a huge impact on its visibility. Although it is not an SEO strategy, it can help you reach the audience you desire. Your videos may get lost amongst the countless videos available on YouTube and Vimeo. Wistia, an alternative platform that allows for traffic generation, may be better. It allows you to embed SEO metadata automatically, which increases your chances of them being indexed and ranking higher. YouTube and Vimeo are your best options if you want to increase brand awareness due to their sheer number.

Appealing Thumbnail Photos

The thumbnail of your video is what users will see first. It is therefore important to make it stand out. To increase users’ viewing of your thumbnail image, it should look exactly like a book cover. SEO experts recommend that you spend a lot of time and effort to make the thumbnail image compelling. It is crucial to keep the focus. It is important that you ensure the image is both relevant and interesting to the video. High quality images discourage viewers from watching them.

Display the video on a relevant page

Videos aren’t good at ranking in search results because Google can’t read them. You must create content that is related to the page so search engine crawlers can understand the content and rank the video. You will need to create high-quality content that is relevant to the topic of the video in order for search engine bots and other web SEO to properly index it.

Create appropriate titles and descriptions

Forbes recommends creating engaging titles and descriptions to your videos to increase SEO traction. To achieve higher ranks, it is a good idea to include the most important keywords into your videos. It is important to do extensive keyword research. However, you should not overuse keywords that search engines may interpret as spam. Google recommends that the title be kept to 50 characters and YouTube to 70 characters. This will prevent title truncation when searching for the video. Although you can write a longer description explaining the content of the video, it is best to keep it concise.

The First Video Must Be the Best

Many people believe that multiple videos can be integrated into one page. It is not effective for video search engine optimization. Video SEO crawlers are expected to only crawl the video that was embedded first on a page. A single video should be added to one page. The page may be optimized to achieve higher search engine rankings. You should embed your best video first if you have to embed multiple videos onto one page. This will ensure that your best video is ranked higher in search results.

You might consider incorporating video transcripts

Video transcripts can be found at the foot or bottom of your video. They help viewers to see the video in its entirety even if there is no audio. This enhances the video viewing experience. Transcripts not only enhance the user experience but also aid in video SEO. Video transcripts make it much easier for your videos to be indexed and help you rank higher in the SERPs. When performing video SEO, remember that your video should be your first priority. You may be tempted to scroll endlessly in search of a video on some websites. This can lead to fewer video plays because it takes too much effort. The search engines and people have to make extra effort to find the video.

This is especially true if your video appears to be hidden below the page fold. It’s a smart idea to concentrate on your video and place it strategically at the top of the page or above the fold. This will make it easier to locate the video. Search engine robots can also find the video faster. Strategic placement of videos on pages can help increase views and improve your search engine rankings. This is a simple and straightforward video Search Engine Optimization Company strategy.

Do not embed the video in multiple locations

Your video will compete with others if you embed it in multiple places. Avoid embedding the same video on multiple pages. This could lead to it becoming competitive with other videos. This could lead to a sabotage of your video SEO strategy. Make sure to only include your video once on your website. Focus on video SEO for higher ranking. The link to the page with your video may be added to other pages. It may be worth sharing on social media platforms to drive more traffic to your video.


Marketers need to implement SEO for video to increase their visibility and rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). These video SEO strategies will help you get the traffic that you desire.


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